Ayad J. Baban: The Kurd – The story of a Nation´s Survial


The Kurd is both a political and a love story. It portrays the struggle of the Kurdish Nation against the atrocities of the ruling regime of Saddam Hussein and the mass murders that took place against the Kurds during his rule.It is a story of a poor shepherd boy, Serdar, whose luck brought him across a rich Kurdish business man, who when he discovered his intelligence and abilities decided to sponsor and educate him all the way through school and college, whereof he sent him to England to study medicine and become a medical doctor. Serdar finds his heart throb in the UK, the daughter of an ex-British diplomat. They fall madly in love and get married and have a family, when he decides to return home to Kurdistan and practice medicine there, he goes through a number of grueling experiences with local Iraqi authorities and intelligence services and thus finds himself dragged into the Kurdish rebellion, and joining the rebel forces (Peshmarga).To escape capture and death by the local Saddam authorities, he takes to the mountains and works as a medical doctor at one of the rebels camps; that’s when his life, love and devotion split between his children and family, and between his people, nation and land.The Kurd is a story of survival and struggle for freedom and peace of a nation against the atrocities of one of the worst and most cruel dictatorships that the twentieth century ever experienced, namely the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.

Quelle: https://www.amazon.com/Kurd-STORY-NATIONS-SURVIVAL/dp/1434348059


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