Ahmad Hardi



Ahmad Hardi was born in 1922 into a family of intellectuals in the City of Sulemani. His name is Ahmad, the son of Hassan Bag the son of Aziz Bag the son of Karim Bagzada. Hardi taught and lectured at the University of Sulemani and later in Salahadin. After the liberation of Iraq Hardi returned to Kurdistan where he left us on November 29, 2006.

Modern Kurdish poetry has been significantly influenced by Hardi despite the fact that he has not written extensively. He possesses a deep knowledge of Kurdish, Arabic, and Persian literature, particularly classical literature.

Hardi’s book of poetry was first published in 1957 and reprinted in 1984. The second edition contains some new poems and updated interpretations of previous poems.

Hardi produces beautiful poetry through carefully chosen and original words and phrases. His talent for weaving internal melodies into his poetry has led to many of his poems being turned into songs. Hardi has created some powerful poetic images, which are all original and utilised some original glossary for his poetry.

Hardi wrote most of his poetry in his youth which may explain why there is a theme of loneliness and disappointment in them.



A life of harsh sorrows has killed the butterfly of my desire

Spilling the wine in the love-glass of my youth

The mist of the bleak days has become so dark

The love scenes of my heart were cloaked in despair

Lonely nights have smothered the flame of my hope-candle

The hopeless-hands have strangled the euphoria of my innermost melodies

And now, exposing the wounds

Of my distressed emotions

I wonder in the mazes of my soul’’s wilderness

In the dark nights of my loneliness, I retrace my steps blindly

There is no hand that can rescue me from this abandonned grave

There is no beauty to lend her soft heart for my stressed head

Or to release my exhaustion on her warm lap

My weak eyes gaze bewildered into the dark nights

There are no two vivid eyes to illuminate my avenues

Except for sad wings

And scary nights

There is no light

There is no a single princes who pushes me her desire

Her secrets revives my dieing and crumpled talent

Her laughter removes the gloomy fog on my eyes

Keep me content in a way crying baby comfort

Yes, when I listen except for my distressed heart

Which quietly reveals my deep hidden mysteries

There is no sound

Anywhere around

Neither beating of wings nor sighing of breath


Written in Sulemani in 1951



(Transalated) – By Dr Rebwar Fatah | 20/09/2002

Translated from Sorani Kurdish and adopted to English language by Dr Rebwar Fatah


When the secret of lips and the secret of eyes unite

Ahmad Hardi – London, 17/9/1998


A time when the god of love whispers to her ears

Perhaps then he can reveal some secret thoughts

But it is a pair of eyes with one thousand and one mysteries

You can unravel one, but one thousand remain hidden

But the image of two faces looking at each other

Expressing all the said and unsaid intimate feelings of heart

Then, it is a sort of feeling that fills a world

It is an old love which will never have an end.


Quelle: http://www.kurdishaspect.com/AhmadHardi.html


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